Monday, February 4, 2019


It has been quite some time since I worked on "Evermore". So, I thought I'd make this an official intermission, and post something else I'm working on, while I figure out what's next for this story. As I have mentioned before, "Evermore" is finished, but is in first draft form. Quite likely, I will continue to post draft pages of the story, until it is done.

I also quit using facebook, and have been pondering what's next, as far as my artwork on the internet. I am not much of a self promoter, and I've decided I don't really care about that, so, no new presence on any facebook-like site or any other social media sites at this time.

Here's a digital drawing I've been working on, and I will attempt to start putting the rest of "Evermore" up on this blog, in the near future.
As always, you can find more of my artwork at Kytömaa artWorks.

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